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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stock Market Investment

Never-Ever-Lose Big Money in the Stock Market

Buying stocks is easy. Anybody can do that. The hard part is knowing when to sell. And very few people know how to do that. We’ve all made expensive mistakes-either missing the full upside by selling too soon, or taking a huge loss by holding a falling stock too long.
Let’s face it. Most people don’t know when to sell a falling stock. So they’re frozen into inactivity, saying, “Should I just keep holding and hoping, or should I cut my losses now?” And there’s no reliable crystal ball to tell anyone when a rising stock has peaked.
The problem that causes both these mistakes to happen is simple: Ordinary investors are ruled by emotions.
And the only way you’re ever going to join the highest echelon of the world’s best investors is to strip all emotions out of your decisions.
Greed… fear… worry… nervousness-all these feelings have to go.
Here’s our advice on how to do it…
While you’ll never be able to sell at the peak each and every time you invest, or ensure that you never buy a stock that subsequently falls dramatically, there is a secret weapon that is proven to get you the lion’s share of any move.
When you buy a stock, you buy it with the intention to sell it for a profit some time in the future.
In order to do so successfully, you should put as much thought into planning your exit strategy as you put into the research that motivates you to buy the investment in the first place.
We call this our “Trailing Stop Strategy.”
All great traders and investors consistently cut losses short and let their profits run, and Dr. Tharp has found that trailing stops are one of the easiest and most effective ways of doing that. In this White Paper you’ll see many examples from our own files of actual recommen-dations, ones selected specifically because they show how well this technique works.
You’ll also see how bad things can be if you don’t use it.

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United Airways IPO Lottery Draw Date


Ipo Lottery date of United Airways, will be 15 June,2010

Result will publish in this page.

About United Airways :

  1. Offer Price Per Share Tk. 100.00
  2. Face Value Per Share Tk. 100.00
  3. Market Lot (Share) 50
  4. Pre-IPO Paid-up Capital Tk. 1,000,000,000.00
  5. Public Offer (Share) 10,000,000
  6. Total Issued Shares (after IPO) 20,000,000
  7. Total Paid-up Capital (after IPO) Tk 2,000,000,000.00
  8. EPS (as per Prospectus)Tk. 9.48 (as on 30.06.2009)Tk. 5.74 (as on 31.10.2009) (For 4 months)
  9. NAV Per Share (as per Prospectus) Tk. 101.58 (as on 31.10.2009)
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Stock Market Investment

Advice on When to Buy Stock
Have you ever seen Coke or Microsoft selling at a single-digit P/E ratio? Me neither. And these aren’t isolated cases. The fact is, by hoping to buy super-cheap, you would have missed out on many of the greatest investment opportunities of our time. To make the big bucks in the best investments you’ll have to forget “buy low, sell high.” The new Oxford Club investment rule is “buy momentum, sell higher.” We like to buy companies on the way up. It usually means the company is doing something right. It’s equivalent to your golf- shirt business in The Bahamas. Let me explain.
Let’s say that you and I believe in the idea of a three- wheeled car, and the price of the stock in the company that manufacturers them is at $30… but falling. When do we invest? At $30? $20? $10? $5? We don’t know how far this thing will fall. We want to buy when there’s some inkling of a market confirmation of our idea.
There is no price that’s the right price. Take $10 for example. I’d be a buyer at $10 if our three-wheeled car had fallen to $5 first, and then the stock started to take off because Ford was going to take it over. But I’m not a buyer at $10 if it’s one stop on the way down-the last stop on that elevator could be the basement. The bottom line is this: I don’t want to buy dreams alone-I want to buy dreams that are turning the corner to reality.
We’ve got a complete buy and sell strategy for all-every single one-of our stock positions.

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Ipo Lottery Draw Date Of RAK Ceramics

RAK Ceramic ipo lottery draw will be held 24 May Monday,Today

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