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Friday, October 30, 2009

Bangladesh Garment Sector In Danger

The Daily Star

Commerce minister Faruk Khan on Thursday told the Parliament that it would be difficult to sustain the country’s garment sector, which earns 78 per cent of the country’s total export revenue, without finding a solution to the problem of workers’ unrest.
Answering a question by Awami League lawmaker Shariar Alam of Rajshahi, he said the government had taken various initiatives to resolve the unrest and is trying to find out whether any labour organisation was instigating the violence by workers in Bangladesh’s garment sector.
The commerce minister, replying to another question by AL lawmaker Dhirendranath Devnath during the question-answer session with deputy speaker Shawkat Ali in the chair, said the government, in its new export policy, would increase trade with Myanmar to $30,000 from the existing $10,000.
Responding to a question by AL legislator Akhtaruzzaman Babu, Faruk informed the House that the trade gap between India and Bangladesh was Tk 17,000 crore for the 2008-09 fiscal year, and the Bangladesh government is moving to reduce it by increasing export items.
He also said that Bangladesh’s total exports had significantly increased by 11 per cent despite the global economic recession, and it earned Tk 1,01,000 crore of foreign exchange in the 2008-09 fiscal year.
Replying to a question by AL lawmaker Moshtaque Ahmed Ruhi, the commerce minister admitted that the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh had not been fully successful in supplying daily essentials to consumers in Ramadan, and assured the House that it would be strengthened in the future so that it can play a more effective role in the market.
He further admitted that price of some daily essentials, including edible oil, pulse, sugar and onions, had shot up due to cartels formed by dishonest businessmen, and the government would take tough action against them.
Food and disaster management minister Abdur Razzaque, answering a question by AL lawmaker Shafiqul Islam, said the government would go for exemplary punishment of those who were involved in looting relief materials, including CI sheets, during the Bangladesh Nationalist Party-Jamaat government’s regime if the MPs provide irrefutable evidence.
Answering a question by AL lawmaker Emaj Uddin Pramanik, Razzaque told the House that the government is procuring modern equipment to save the people from natural calamities and mitigate the effects.
He also said that equipment worth Tk 69.09 crore was being bought for the ‘Procurement of equipment for search and rescue operation after earthquake and other disasters’ project.
Razzaque told the House that four out of nine lots of equipment, worth Tk 9.39 crore, have already been procured from Japan, China and Thailand. More equipment, worth Tk 4.44 crore, will come next month from Italy, America, New Zealand, India and Germany, and letters of credit are being opened to import equipment worth Tk 17.79 crore from Japan, Indonesia and Thailand.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dse Stock Analysis : Beximco LTD


I recommend Beximco Group 28 October at morning [Before Trade].
I recommend Beximco LTd Specifically yesterday night. Now its looking great.
Last 7 day volumes are attractive.

Now waiting for a clear breakout.

5 November Chart 8 November >>> Players are trying to buy bxltd at low price. Allways they are success. Hope it will boom tomorrow. I added more today @ avg 310.3

10 November >> Look At The Chart Of 10 November .

Continue.... I will be updating in this page at any time . So visit every moment

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Loans For Mutual funds Are Restricted


Market observers see the regulator's new directive as a move to cool down the investment sector that was on the bull-run, influenced by speculations about a verdict on a mutual fund case.
A restriction on margin loans for mutual funds, announced by the capital market regulator yesterday, held back an upward trend in the transaction of such funds on Dhaka Stock Exchange.

In a circular, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) asked merchant banks, portfolio managers, brokers and dealers to immediately stop margin loans until further order.
Meanwhile, Aftab Automobiles shares have also been brought under the purview of this margin loan restriction.

Investments by borrowing in mutual funds have become too risky, the market watchdog thinks.
Being advised, the DSE reported margin loan suspension through its server at 10:58am, just before the day trade time. The SEC directive was posted on the web at 12.21pm.

The mutual fund price loss marked the beginning of trade. All but one such funds declined 4-17 percent at the closing hour.“The SEC move will lead to a short-term correction in the prices of mutual funds,” Arif Khan, deputy managing director of IDLC Finance, told The Daily Star.

The imminent court verdict on the pending case has fuelled speculations about dividend announcement, which resulted in a high value of mutual funds, he said.He, however, said, “A short-term price correction instead of a big or long-term correction would be healthy for the market.”

The High Court on Thursday said it would hand down the verdict on the mutual fund case on November 4.In August last year, the HC stayed the dividend declarations by all mutual fund managers until disposal of a writ petition filed with the HC challenging the SEC modifications of mutual fund rules.

Dse Stock Analysis : PADMA OIL


Recommend Date : 24 October , Friday.

25 October : 70000 volume , 10.6 % + from previous day.
26 October : 60000 Volume ,01.9%- from previous day.

I love this stock too much.
Its a Govt. stock.

Dividend dec at anytime.

Face Value : 10Taka
Eps : 23.90 Taka

Total Securities : 9800000

Share % = Govt. : 50.35 ; Institute : 33.84 ; Public : 15.81

110+ Profit on mature day. Wowwwwwww . But I am waiting another 10-15% from here.

Continue.... I will be updating in this page at any time . So visit every moment

Friday, October 23, 2009

How to 'Stop' Premature Birth

BBC News
A drug used to treat cancer can stop contractions and may prevent premature labour, researchers say.The Newcastle University team tested the drug Trichostatin A on tissue taken from 36 women undergoing a caesarean. The researchers said the therapy worked by increasing the levels of a protein that controls muscle relaxation.

One expert said with rates of premature births rising - there are 50,000 a year in the UK - a new treatment was badly needed.Preterm labour and birth continue to be the single biggest cause of death in infants in the developed world and around 1,500 babies die in the UK every year. A number of drugs are used to try to stop early labour, but most have serious side effects.

Trichostatin A (TSA) is known to promote the death of cancer cells. The researchers got permission to take samples of the muscles of women undergoing caesarean sections at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, the Cellular and Molecular Medicine journal reported.


They exposed the muscle to TSA and measured the effects on both spontaneous contractions and those induced by the labour drug, oxytocin. They found an average 46% reduction in contractions for the spontaneously contracting tissue and an average 54% reduction in the oxytocin induced contractions.

It has been previously shown that a protein kinase A (PKA) is involved in controlling the relaxation of the uterus during pregnancy. The researchers showed that TSA increased the levels of a protein sub-unit of PKA.

Professor Nick Europe-Finner, who led the research, said: "We will not give this drug to a patient because it can damage as many as 10% of the genes in a cell. "But it does show us that other more specific agents that act on the same enzymes but only one at a time are worth investigating."

New treatment

Dr Yolande Harley, deputy director of research at Action Medical Research which funded the study, said: "This project has uncovered some of the molecular pathways that regulate uterine contractions and so could be linked to premature birth.

"It could have a role in preventing premature birth - finding a new treatment for early labour would be a major step forward."

Professor Jane Norman, a spokeswoman for the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (RCOG), said: "At the moment, it's not possible to treat preterm labour effectively. We only have drugs that delay it by 24 hours or so - not enough to deliver the baby safely.

"One of the interesting things about this research is that they are using a new kind of drug - the drugs we are currently using have been around for a long time. "And they are targeting pathways we have not known about before.

"When you consider that preterm birth rates are rising in all four countries of the UK a new more effective drug is badly needed."

Dse Stock Analysis : ULC


United Leasing Company

Paidup Capital : 26.4 Crore
Eps : 66.25 Taka

If this company have to increase its paid up capital to 50 crore . What will happen ??
So next year it will be a hot cake.

No. Of Securities : 2640000

Added Today More 200. I will be adding more if fall more.

Continue.... I will be updating in this page at any time . So visit every moment.

Read This News Carefully

NBFIs get nod to raise capital
Asif Showkat : The New Age

The finance ministry has given its consent on making it mandatory for non-banking financial institutions to raise their paid-up capital by 100 per cent within December 31, 2010, officials on Thursday said.

Bangladesh Bank last month sought the finance ministry’s approval on raising the paid-up capital of the NBFIs to Tk 50 crore from the existing Tk 25 crore.

The central bank has taken the move to help consolidate the capital base of the country’s NBFIs in line with the Basel-II framework that would come into effect from 2010.

Meanwhile, at least seven NBFIs have already raised their total capital to over Tk 50 crore, informed sources said.
The central bank officials said the paid-up capital of Tk 25 crore was inadequate and so the NBFIs would have to increase their capital to avoid any financial risks.
On June 2003, BB raised the minimum ceiling of capital of NBFIs to Tk 25 crore from the earlier amount of Tk 10 crore to make them operationally sound.
Financial market operators have supported BB’s latest move, pointing out that the central bank planned to raise the total capital of NBFIs in phases, not overnight.
Managing director of Prime Finance and Investment Ltd, Akhtar Hossain Sannamat, told New Age that the timeframe for raising the paid-up capital of NBFIs should be extended if necessary.

‘Some of the financially weak NBFIs may be merged due to lack of capital’, he observed.

Dse Stock Analysis : Aims And Gmf1


27 October,Morning : Yesterday i sold most of my MF. But@ profit loss. Where aims was 28.8 >> I sold 26.5 avg. Gmf1 137 taka. PFIMF46.5.Something is better then nothing. This is dse stock market. Anything happen at any time.

Again buy IF >> Aims 22-22.5 , Gmf1 110-115, PFIMF42-42.5.

Continue.... I will be updating in this page at any time . So visit every moment.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Insurance Sector Of Dse Stock Market


Now Insurance sector may be the 2nd promising sector of Dse. Because the paid up capital issue.
The Bill of Insurance act may be pass or not in next session.

Imporpant matter of this bill >> Paid up capital of insurnace.

Paid up capital have to increase :

For General Insurnace >> 40 Crore
For Life Insurance >> 30 Crore
Now you have to know the present paid up capital of all insurance.

Most of the new listed general insurance's paid up capital are 15 crore. And some of old listed general insurnace's paid up capital under 10 crore. All of this will hot. I think.

List of low paid up capital general insurance.
  • Janata Insurance >> 6.6 Crore
  • Purabi G.Insrance >>6.6 Crore
  • Federal Insurance >>10 Crore
  • New Listed Insurance>> 15 Crore only.

  • All Of new listed general insrance I recommend only Asia insurance and Repubic insurance.
  • If you follow gambling way >> Asia Pacific is the best stock of insrance for gambling.

If you follow fundamentally strong stock>> you can choose from below blindly
  • Eastern Insurance >>15.6 Crore ; Eps >> 25 Tk
  • Phoenix Insurance >>19.7Crore ; Eps >> 31 Tk
  • Pioneer Insurance >>15 Crore ; EPs >> 41 Tk
You Can choice all green and bold item.

Thanks every body

Friday, October 16, 2009

A-ha to break up after 25 years


Collection BBC News

Pop group A-ha have announced they are to call it a day, just months after achieving a top 10 album in the UK."We've literally lived the ultimate boy's adventure tale," the group, which formed 25 years ago, said.

The trio added that the split would allow them to pursue "other meaningful aspects of life, be it humanitarian work, politics, or whatever else". The Norwegian band scored international hits with The Sun Always Shines On TV and Take On Me in the 1980s.

Their most recent album, Foot Of The Mountain, marked a return to their synth-pop roots after a period in which they recorded chiming guitar ballads. It charted at number five in the UK.

Farewell tour

However, the band never quite recaptured the spark of their heyday, when lead singer Morten Harket was a teen pin-up and the group were followed around by screaming fans.

They even broke a world record at Rio de Janeiro's Maracana Stadium in 1991, when 196,000 fans paid to see them. But after the commercial failure of 1993's Memorial Beach, the band went on hiatus, only reforming after being invited to play the Nobel Peace Prize concert in 1998.

Both Harket and guitarist Paul Waaktaar-Savoy released solo albums during this period. The group have announced they will mount a farewell tour before disbanding. Only the final date, in Oslo on 4 December 2010, has so far been confirmed.

"We are retiring as a band, not as individuals," the band reassured fans in their statement. "Change is always difficult and it is easy to get set in one's ways. Now it is time to move on."

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Smartphones Battle Begins !


Collection : BBC news

Smartphones are going mass market, fuelled by the public's "insatiable appetite" for social media, analysts say.They predict an explosion in sales alongside price falls for smart handsets next year. It comes in a week which sees the launch of Blackberry's latest handset, the Storm 2.

Meanwhile the Palm Pre, dubbed an "iPhone killer" finally makes its UK debut."The mobile internet is at the same stage as the internet was in 1998," said Ian Fogg, an analyst with research firm Forrester. Ben Wood, an analyst with CCS Insight, agrees.

"We are on the cusp of an explosion of computer-like devices in the hands of consumers where previously they were the preserve of the early adopter," he said.

"Social networks are the fuel propelling the momentum," he added. Increasingly mobile operators and handset manufacturers are providing phones that are "a one-stop shop for social messaging whether that be Twitter alerts, instant messages or the latest pictures on Facebook," said Mr Wood.

It could be time to drop the label "smartphone" thinks Forrester analyst Ian Fogg. "Most handset makers are looking to add internet capabilities to their ranges. It is no longer about whether a phone can access the internet but how well," he said.

New markets

Nothing illustrates the rise of the smartphone into the mainstream better than the the story of Blackberry. RIM (Research in Motion), the company behind the Blackberry family, has transformed itself in recent years, with a range of handsets reaching far beyond its original corporate demographic.

Its Curve series has become one of the fastest selling smartphones on the market. In August 2009, RIM announced that it had sold 65 million Blackberry smartphones worldwide.

But it has yet to corner the apps market in the same way as Apple's iPhone has. While developers have written around 85,000 applications for the iPhone, there are only around 2,000 for Blackberrys.

The Blackberry Storm 2 is released on 15 October and addresses some of the issues of the original handset. It sees new touchscreen technology to improve the typing experience and make it more like using a traditional keyboard.

iPhone killer

The following day sees the release of the Palm Pre in the UK, a much-anticipated device which has been in development for seven years. It debuts its own operating system - webOS - which aims to mimic desktop operating systems.

It allows users, for instance, to switch between applications in the same way as programs are multi-tasked on a home computer. It has been touted as an "iPhone killer" since its release in the US in June.

Figures from market research firm TNS suggest the Pre-Palm launch could outshine the debut of the iPhone in 2007. It surveyed 1,000 UK adults and found that 27% of existing 02 customers would be "keen to buy" the Palm Pre, compared with 17% wanting the iPhone prior to launch.

It will be available via 02, to anyone signing up for a two-year £34.26 monthly contract. For those reluctant to sign up for lengthy contracts, smartphones are currently expensive. To get a "pay and go" version of 02's iPhone 3G, for example, will cost a hefty £342.50.

According to Forrester the prepaid market in the UK accounts for around 65% of mobile users but data tariffs for users are not as attractive as those on contracts. For anyone on a contract, mobile internet is bundled pretty much as standard these days.

If smartphones are to go truly mass market cheaper handsets and data charging tariffs that are attractive to the pre-paid market will be essential said Mr Wood.

"£35 a month is a lot of money to some and we predict that smartphones will be available below £100 in 2010, alongside tariff innovation," he said.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tips For A Safe Sleeping Baby


BBC News

Half of cot deaths are linked to bed-sharing but many parents are sceptical about the risk, studies have concluded.A quarter of 500 mothers polled by the UK's Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) doubted that sharing a bed with a baby put them at undue risk.

But a Bristol University team's study published online in the British Medical Journal found that sharing a bed is a factor in more than 50% of cases. Many of the deaths occurred when parent and infant slept together on a sofa.

Much of this risk was linked to parents' smoking and alcohol or use of sedating drugs before bedtime. A fifth of the cot death infants were found with a pillow and a quarter were swaddled, which may be new risk factors, say the authors.

Although cot death rates in the UK has fallen dramatically since the "Back to Sleep" campaign in the early 1990s, specific advice is still needed to help reduce these deaths even further, say the Bristol University researchers."Parents need to be advised never to put themselves in a situation where they might fall asleep with a young infant on a sofa."

And they should never sleep with an infant in any environment if they have consumed alcohol or drugs, the team warned. But they said some parents might still want to share a bed with their baby, particularly if they needed to feed their infants many times in the night, and that this practice should not be demonised.

It could lead to increased numbers of tired parents nodding off on their sofa with their baby, they warned. FSID's director, Joyce Epstein, said the findings were alarming.

"We know that those at greatest risk of experiencing a cot death are very young mums, often single, and still in their teens, and this group is the most likely to reject safe sleep advice."
The charity has launched a social networking website,, aimed at supporting teenage parents.

The FSID poll findings are published in Community Practitioner.


Place your baby on the back to sleep, not on the front or side
Don't let your baby get too hot - no bonnets
Sleep your baby with their feet to the foot of the cot
Never sleep with your baby on a sofa or armchair
Sharing a bed raises the risk, especially if you or your partner smokes, drinks or takes sedating drugs
A dummy can reduce the risk, even if the dummy falls out while your baby is asleep

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lowly females pick mediocre mates

Quoted From BBC News

Low-quality females prefer low-quality males, at least in the avian world.

This is according to research published in the Royal Society journal Proceedings B, testing female zebra finches' taste in males.

As adults, the low-quality females showed a preference for the songs of males of the same quality, and for the male birds themselves.

Evolutionary biologists previously thought that females would always opt for the best male available.

The study was led by Marie-Jeanne Holveck from the Centre of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology in Montpellier, France.

She explained that low- and high-quality birds differ in almost every important characteristic, including metabolism, longevity and attractiveness.

Her team was able to breed high-quality and low-quality finches simply by changing the size of the brood in which the birds were raised.

In larger broods there is more competition between the chicks, she told BBC News, "so the larger groups produce lower quality chicks".

Dr Holveck's team tested the female chicks' preferences for males.

"We trained in what we call an operant cage. They were trained to peck two keys, and each time they pecked a key it played a male's song," she told BBC News.

One of the keys played the song of a high-quality male and the other played a low-quality male's song.

"I think this is a powerful test, because it's the female telling us what she would like to hear," said Dr Holveck.

The low-quality females repeatedly pecked the key that played a low-quality male's song, and vice versa.

Only male finches sing, and the song is an important reproductive signal to the females.

In the second part of her experiment, Dr Holveck found that these song preferences "actually translated into preferences for the live males".

"And quality-matched pairs," she explained, "bred faster - producing eggs faster than the mismatched pairs.

"The main reason, we think, could be that the two individuals just accept each other faster - they just go for it.

"The really amazing thing is that the females are able to recognise what 'category' they are in. We'd like to investigate further to find out how they do this."

Joseph Tobias, a zoologist from Oxford University who was not involved in this study, said the findings were interesting.

"While [this] doesn't overturn evolutionary thinking, it does reveal some interesting trade-offs in breeding decisions," he said.

"It also raises the intriguing possibility that the environment in which individuals are reared strongly influences their mating preferences as adults."

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bollywood Latest - New Releases Movies

DirectorAshutosh Gowariker
ProducerRonnie Screwvala, Sunita A. Gowariker
StarringPriyanka Chopra, Hurman S. Baweja

DirectorZaigham Ali Sayed
ProducerAnjum Rizvi
StarringVinod Khanna, Rehan Khan, Akshay Kapoor, Bhavna Pani, Mahesh Manjrekar, Siddhant Karnick, Sheena Shahabadi, Sabina Sheema

DirectorPrabhu Deva
ProducerBoney Kapoor
StarringSalman Khan, Ayesha Takia, Om Puri, Mahesh Manjrekar, Sayaji Shinde, Aseem Merchant, Vinod Khanna

DirectorRajesh Ganguly
ProducerS. M. Ferozeuddin Alameer
StarringRajit Kapoor, Rati Agnihotri, Shishir Sharma, Harsh Chhaya


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