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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stock Market Analysis : Mutual Fund [Bangladesh]

Mutual fund of bangladesh stock market is too small.Bangladesh stock market has 16 mutual funds.Largest fund of these is Grameen Mutual fund scheme 2 and the smallest fund are Icb 1st mutual fund and Icb 2nd mutual fund.The volume of Gmfo2 are 125 c taka and 1st and 2nd icb mutual fund are .5 c taka each.

Why a mutual fund should rise or when one investor should invest on mutual fund. A shortcut way to make a success is Ipo .A good company's Ipo result day and opening trading day are the best way to make a huge profit.Buy mutual fund before those day[Minimum 1 week]. Delta brack housing,National housing is the best example.You can see from the image of Aims1.



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