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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Profita : DSE Stock Analysis Software

Bangladesh Stock Market Or Dhaka Stock Market Analysis Software

Developed By Mr.Mahabub.Personlly I salute and congrats him for this gift.

Quoted From Mr.Mahabub Website >> Feature of Profita :
1.DSE share price of last 2 years.

2.Share Price, Trade, Volume, Price Range in last trading day, Price range in selected date range from DSE and CSE in a single table.

3.The same table contains Yearly & Half yearly EPS, Profit, Dividend and NAV data with Declaration Date; AGM, Record Date, Total share, Category, Current PE and PPS (price position in percentage according to maximum and minimum price in selected date range.)

4.The table is (and the other tables of the software) is completely sortable (both ascending and descending). You can click on the grid header to sort that column's data. By means of which you can see the top gainers and losers and other comparison like highest or lowest PE, EPS etc.

5.Price Graph, Volume graph and Market Trend graph of last 60 days.

Complete price list of each company in sortable table. You can see the highest and lowest price date.

6.Company information with Financial Reports and charts (MACD, RSI, CandleStick chart etc.)Sector based report with chart.

7.Favourites Section is added in Sector dropdown box. You can select your favourite stocks in main table.Search section has criteria like : Scrip Name, Date & Price Range, AGM Period, FaceValue, Category and Business Category.

8.DSE News of last 2 years with company, date and category wise search.

9.Portfolio manager which has following feature :

Multiple Porfolio Accounts
Buy, Sale, Deposit, Withdraw and Dividend entry
Every sale shows profit or loss
BreakEven of each share
Specific Buy Sale view with sorting facility
Print and Edit options are added
Export and Import facility of portfolio data. (See Porfolio Settings Menu.) So that you can import your portfolio data in new version of this software.


The software has a Dividend calculator which shows minimum price for profit.
A notice board to show Forthcoming IPO and Other importand notice.
A small section (below price list) to show how much share you can buy with your current credit.
Built in Web Browser with some important link
Price Ticker : a single screen which shows complete price chart of DSE and CSE side by side.
Price alarm system for five different stocks.

1.Internet connection
2.Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
3.Processor : Intel P3 or higher, RAM 128MB
4.OS : Tested only on Windows XP


2.>>> Microsoft.Net Fremwork 2



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