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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Insurance Sector Of Dse Stock Market

Now Insurance sector may be the 2nd promising sector of Dse. Because the paid up capital issue.
The Bill of Insurance act may be pass or not in next session.

Imporpant matter of this bill >> Paid up capital of insurnace.

Paid up capital have to increase :

For General Insurnace >> 40 Crore
For Life Insurance >> 30 Crore
Now you have to know the present paid up capital of all insurance.

Most of the new listed general insurance's paid up capital are 15 crore. And some of old listed general insurnace's paid up capital under 10 crore. All of this will hot. I think.

List of low paid up capital general insurance.
  • Janata Insurance >> 6.6 Crore
  • Purabi G.Insrance >>6.6 Crore
  • Federal Insurance >>10 Crore
  • New Listed Insurance>> 15 Crore only.

  • All Of new listed general insrance I recommend only Asia insurance and Repubic insurance.
  • If you follow gambling way >> Asia Pacific is the best stock of insrance for gambling.

If you follow fundamentally strong stock>> you can choose from below blindly
  • Eastern Insurance >>15.6 Crore ; Eps >> 25 Tk
  • Phoenix Insurance >>19.7Crore ; Eps >> 31 Tk
  • Pioneer Insurance >>15 Crore ; EPs >> 41 Tk
You Can choice all green and bold item.

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