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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Janata Bank IPO Details And Prospectus

Janata Bank has submitted the prospectus to sec.Janta Bank raise Tk 1.0 billion in an initial public offering (IPO) next month.The bank's IPO, if approved, will be the largest public offering that will surpass the Grameenphone's offering of Tk 972 crore including IPO and pre-IPO.

The bank will raise the amount through floating one crore ordinary shares of Tk 100 each at an offer price of Tk 1,000 that shows Tk 900 as premium per share. With the existing paid-up capital of Tk 375 crore, the bank has sought the premium considering its high net worth fundamentals such as asset value, earnings and brand value.

As of December 31 of 2008, the bank's net asset value per share was Tk 350 and earning per share was Tk 121.ICB Capital Management Ltd is the issue manager of Janata Bank IPO.


Face Value 100 Taka
Premium 900[As per Prospectus]
Total Share Offer 1 Crore
Total 1000 Crore withdraw from market.

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