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Saturday, January 9, 2010

ACI Zero Coupon Bonds Details

ACI 20% Convertible Zero Coupon Bonds Details
Application Document Available at:
DSE & CSE Library, DSE Members house, Issue
Manager, Underwriter and designated banks.

Subscription Open : January 31, 2010
Subscription Close : February 04, 2010
For Non resident Bangladeshi January 31, 2010 to February 13, 2010
Issue Price (Tk.) 3,743.00
Face Value (Tk.) 5,000.00
Market lot (Share) 5
Public Offer (lots) 106,868
Manager to the Issue Alliance Financial Services Limited

Major Features of ACI 20% Convertible Zero Coupon Bond

Total Issue Size Issue Value Tk. 1 billion and face value Tk. 1.34 billion
Discount rate :10.5%
Mode of Issue 60% Private placement and 40% Public Offer
Maturity 5 years with yearly redemption
Convertibility 20% of the redemption value can be converted into the
Ordinary shares of ACI Ltd. at each maturity date
Conversion strike price 1.1 times of the net asset value per share as per the
last audited financial statements.
Tradability The Bond will be traded both in DSE and CSE

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