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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dse Stock Analysis : Prime Bank

Bank's Operating Profit Has Been published in various national newspaper.So i think bank will rise for another 1-2 days.But prime bank should down immediate .Because prime bank couldnot create any nearer resistence . Prime Bank may touch 680 in Sunday.Then it will down again 630-640 .It will create resistence here then it will sleep here. Look at chart

But ultimately it should go 800 tk because of its good earning .It earned 580 operating profit. Which is 2nd large in Bangladesh.
Operating Profit 580 Crore
Operating Profit after tax 333.5 Crore

EPS,If 15% Reserve=79.75
EPS,If 20% Reserve=75.06
EPS,If 25% Reserve=70.36

Even with 70.36 eps, prime bank should go 800 taka.Where PE will only 11.37.

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