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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bipasha, John live in?

Times Of India : Bipasha, John live in?

It’s not quite like the last Bollywood horror film 13-B, but yes, this tale does involve a house... and, trying to live in that house, is Bollywood hottie Bipasha Basu!

Bips, who has a penthouse in a Santacruz high-rise, was forced to move out when this place took a beating in the savage rains of 26/7 in 2005. “I had to get my home renovated after that horrible incident,’’ said the Bengali beauty, who moved into a rented apartment a few lanes away while the interior work began in her devastated penthouse. And here comes the twist in the tale.

“I started getting a lot of negative vibes,” admitted Bipasha, “I just didn’t feel good living there.” What’s worse — since it was a rented place, she had to send her pet dog Poshto, a Chihuahua the actress absolutely dotes on, to live with her parents at their suburban home.
But the bad vibes in rented apartment really took their toll on her in the last couple of months. And finally Bips locked up the place and began virtually living out of a suitcase. “I’m even endorsing a luggage brand only for this,’’ she joked.

She’s started looking forward to outdoor shoots now, the actress said, “because this way I don’t have to go around Mumbai looking for a roof over my head”.



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