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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Celina, Ameesha talk quantum theory!

The Times Of India

While the men in tinsel town are joining forces – friends and foes included – for various reasons (whether it is Khan and Khan or Khan and Kumar, or whoever else), even the women are loosening up a bit (not in their designer outfits, silly).

Ameesha seems to be getting along famously with most of her co-stars – men and women.

Her new dosti with Celina Jaitly is the talk of the town; they got along like a house on fire while filming Run Bhola Run. When we quizzed the lovely Celina, she instantly admitted to the newfound dosti, “Ameesha is someone I can have a conversation with about anything – from shampoos to quantum theory.

We both have a similar educational background... and have a lot of other things in common too. She is beautiful, inside out.” So touching, no? When we see so much of pyaar and dosti in our industry it gives us some Quantum Of Solace too. Sigh!



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