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Thursday, April 30, 2009

What should you think during sex?

The Times Of India

You might have read a lot about foreplay acts that can arouse your senses for a steamy romp, aphrodisiacs that can boost your sex drive, sex positionthat can bring the ultimate gratification in bed. But none would have actually paid attention to the thoughts that run through our minds while having sex.

It apparently remains a lesser known fact that ‘thoughts’ play a crucial role in evoking your sexual senses and can also enhance your bedroom performance. However it varies from one couple to another as to what they prefer envisioning while having sex. But it surely has to be something that tends to boost your sexual performance and adds to your lovemaking joy.

Dr. Amit Agarwal, a Mumbai-based sexologist explains, “Focused thoughts about sex-related acts make you feel sexually charged up and thus your performance also gets improved. It could be anything from thinking about an erotic novel to a porn film scene to recalling your best sexual experience so far. It might not be easy to keep thinking about the same thing, so bring variety into your thoughts and let them wander freely, but keep ‘sex’ as the main domain.”

Dr. Chirta Bakshi, a relationship counselor adds, “Couples must think only ‘sex’ while performing in bed. Keeping other things in mind including kids, workplace tensions, friends and household work etc. will just kill the passion and hence create troubles in your sexual relationship.”

So if a few little thoughts can heighten your love sensations like never before, then why not let them exist in your head each time you gear up for an intimate sack session.

Here we list some effective thoughts, thinking of which will certainly do wonders in your sexual paradise and will keep you sexually aroused for a night of passion... Scene from a porn flick : Visualising a sexually arousing and naughty film scene is bound to push you towards a steamier sex romp. It will not only induce your sexual senses to act wilder, but will let you get more intense in your performance as you keep thinking about that sensual porn scene.

Khajurao paintings : Apart from a movie scene, Khajurao art has the power to instill a feeling of sexual intimacy. Thinking and envisaging the sexually arousing paintings embedded on the walls of Khajurao detailing various sex positions is bound to add to your sex drive and bring in a temptation for you to try those acts.

Kamasutra teachings : It brings immense pleasure and knowledge to watch a Kamasutra film together with your partner. And it can be more helpful if you let those teachings be a part of your sex session. Think how the couple in the movie made love to each other, recall the passion with which they came closer and as you let the same mood build in your bedroom, try reacting the movie moves to make your night headier.

Sexually inclined literature : You might have read a romantic or sexual novel sometime in the past, but there's no use letting it be dumped in your mind. Bring out the erotica that it intended to create. While making love to your partner, think about some special excerpts and sentences from the novel, which lets you get more intimate with your lover. Reading some sex oriented stuff and then implementing the same in your bedroom will heighten pleasure.

The Big O : Reaching the climax is one thing and thinking about it during sex is even more enticing. While performing in bed and as you proceed towards the peaking moments, keeping the Big O moment in mind helps activate the passion like never before. Think how your partner moaned the last time when you had a gratifying orgasm and the mere thought of it will intensify your excitement.
Sexual fantasies : Sharing your fantasies enhances your sexual pleasure, but thinking about your fantasies during sex is the best way to add punch to your sexual performance. During sex, it’s good to let your sexual desires run through your mind and as you move towards fulfilling them, the degree of joy will surely be more than what you expected.

Past sex encounter : Recalling your most enjoyable sex-escapade helps in recreating an altogether different mood and you will be charged up in bed to perform better than before. Just thinking about what all you did on a particular night will make you feel happier and will add to the sexual experience as you try to add more to it. But be a bit extra cautious while thinking about a past sex encounter as it may backfire if you mistakenly compare your partner with someone else.
Romantic time spent together : Remembering the cherished moments has all reasons to add joy to your sex life. It’s not necessarily that you think only about the sexual time spent together, but also the special moments, memorable dates etc... that can be gratifying during a lovemaking act. It will let you strengthen the love bond you share with your partner, which in turn will lead to a potent sex romp.



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