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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love lessons from pet dog

Times Of India

You might be adroit enough to train your doggy in aspects more than one, however, there's one periphery where your pooch can swap places with you.

Believe it or not, your pet dog knows the mantra to a successful relationship better than you! Find a love guru in your canine and never ever you'll feel less loved!

Mukesh Bhatt, a dog trainer for the past 18 years says, "The way dogs behave more often than not is actually the way human beings ought to behave, if they are looking towards improving their inter-personal relationships,"

So, if you are seeking love in your life, turn towards your adorable canine for love-lessons, the so called 'man's best friend' can teach you a thing or two about love:

1. Forgiveness guaranteed
We all dream of a partner who doesn't mind moving ahead of grudges and forgiving, rather than constantly brooding over past frustrations and arguments. Noted artist, Illoosh Ahluwalia, also a proud owner of five dogs, including a Dachshund, two Boxers and two Pekingese shares, "Dogs have an innate quality of living in the moment. Even if I yell at them at times, they sit quietly to express their dislike towards my reaction, but the moment I behave normally, they are all over me once again. They bury all past grudges and forgive me for scolding them."

Don't you agree that relationships won't ever get grumpy if both partners learn to wipe the slate as easily and quickly as these lovable creatures do for their owners?

2. Unconditional love assured!
If you learn just this lesson from your dog, sailing safe across the toughest waters won't be hard in your love life. It's a fact that dogs focus on what their owners offer them in terms of love, affection and care, which lays the foundation for a successful romantic relationship.

"When a dog loves its owner, it's pure, sans any give and take, which is beautiful," says designer Ritu Beri, who is extremely fond of her pets that include a Boxer, two Yorkshires and two Great Danes. "Unlike human beings, dogs are non-judgemental. Irrespective of your status – whether you are a celebrity or a common man, dogs love you for being someone who loves them," adds Illoosh. Well, if you find someone with this quality, better preserve them, as you have hit a goldmine!



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