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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Deepika-Kat musical chairs!

Times Of India

On days when Rishi Kapoor is shooting with Deepika Padukone (his son Ranbir’s girlfriend) for Imtiaz Ali’s Love Aaj Kal, he jokes with close friends, saying, “I’m shooting with Bahurani (daughter-in-law) today.’’

From the time they started dating, Ranbir and Deepika have been inseparable, and she’s also been a part of all important occasions in the Kapoor home. However, insisders say that Neetu Singh, Ranbir’s mother, isn’t ecstatic about her son’s choice of girlfriend.

A family friend dismisses this talk, saying, “Neetu is overpossessive about Ranbir and isn’t going to be over the moon about any girl he brings home until she’s 100 per cent convinced that the girl is best for her son. However, Neetu is very amiable and pleasant with Deepika.’’
While Deepika has to strive hard to find complete approval from her boyfriend’s mother, there is also the added stress about Ranbir’s proximity with his co-star of Ajab Prem Ki Ghajab Kahani — the sexy Katrina Kaif. That Deepika took time off from promoting Chandni Chowk to China in January and air-dashed to Ooty where Ranbir and Katrina were shooting because she heard rumours of their proximity, is known.

A source from the CC2C unit was witness to her distress. While all of Ranbir’s close friends accept Deepika as his official girlfriend and are even keen that these two hot stars should actually walk up the aisle someday, rumours of the Katrina-Ranbir friendship continue to gain momentum, and with good reason.

Talk has it that when Ranbir and Imran Khan were practicing for the Filmfare Awards at Yashraj Studios, even though Katrina wasn’t required till much later the same evening, she was there from 11 in the morning chatting up Ranbir.

Katrina and Ranbir haven’t shot for Prakash Jha’s Rajneeti yet, because RK Jr joins the schedule only in August, but both share a common secretary and are being tapped by more film-makers as a hot-n-happening couple. This is also said to be adding to bahurani Deepika’s woes.

Incidentally, where does Salman Khan, Katrina’s official date, fit in all this? Well, he is said to be good friends with Asin, who reportedly resides in a flat that has been rented by Salman. An interesting round of musical chairs is being played, no wonder the industry can’t stop singing!



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