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Friday, April 3, 2009

BB, SEC to get new heads

The ministry of finance has started the selection process for appointing a new governor of the Bangladesh Bank and a new chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, official sources said.
"We have started the process for selecting a new governor of the Bangladesh Bank and other contractual positions in the state-owned and specialised banks," a senior official of the finance ministry said.
The official also said the files for the contractual jobs had already been received from the establishment ministry, and the banking wing of the ministry was now examining the files.
Another source in the finance ministry said the banking wing had received files of 11 persons for contractual positions in the country's banking and financial sector.
The contractual appointment of the central bank governor Salehuddin Ahmed will expire on April 30 and the ministry of finance is looking for a new person for the post, sources said.
"We have heard the name of a renowned economist who is also a professor of Dhaka University, and also the name of a person who is presently holding a high position at the World Bank. Any one of them can be the next governor of the central bank,"said another senior official of the banking wing.
Besides, the finance ministry is also looking at the file of the Investment Corporation of Bangladesh's chairman Ziaul Haque Khandokar as a possible candidate for the post of the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Faruq Ahmad Siddiqi, a former commerce secretary, who took over as the sixth chairman of the SEC on March 15 in 2006, retired on March 14 this year.
The contractual jobs of three deputy governors of Bangladesh Bank will expire at the end of 2012 while the contractual jobs of the three managing directors of state-owned Sonali, Janata and Agrani banks will expire at the end of 2011. The finance ministry has also started looking for the suitable persons to fulfil the positions.

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