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Friday, April 10, 2009

Karan 'grey' look for Fair Fridays

Filmmaker Karan Johar, who is credited or blamed for bringing the warring Bollywood Khans Aamir and Shah Rukh together on Tuesday for “the welfare of the film industry”, defends his action.

And says what the actors did “illustrates a solidarity far beyond personal interests” in the filmmakers standoff against multiplexes over profit sharing. BT got KJo to answer a few pointed questions...

Didn’t the SRK-Aamir reunion take away from the gravity of the United Producers and Distributors’ Association meeting?

Please grant them the credit for creating a solid, united voice at this dignified event. Rather than take away, they added to the gravity. Let’s face it, every product needs a big brand ambassador to get adequate attention. These two got it for us. They represented the industry in the capacity of producers.

But the attention on them undermined the larger issue...

It was essential to put forward the right faces to make a plea to cinegoers to bear with the industry ...that if they were being denied content, it was with strong reason. We producers are demanding fair rights for Friday nights... that’s the mantra that came out of the meeting.

Did you succeed in what you aimed for?

It’s too early to say. But we’re open to negotiations with multiplexes. It’s NOT a strike. We haven’t shut down. We’re still shooting.

Why did you agree to serve as a moderator to the discussion?

I was brought in during the last ten days. Such a united forum for the film industry is something that Yashji has been working on for years. Producers like Ramesh Sippy and Mahesh Bhatt were working on the UPDA months. I’m just a Johnny-come-lately. It’s a job I’ve done before at summits and conclaves.

Your dad Yash Johar always stood up for any cause or crisis in the industry. Now you’ve taken up that mantle...

When I returned home exhausted on Tuesday, I told my mother, “Today I miss my father more than ever.” In my growing years all I ever heard was about motion picture associations’ meetings, crisis resolutions, amicable settlements, etc. I felt emotional and old on Tuesday because I felt like my dad. In fact, I went to the meeting without hair-dye. I wanted to look grey and distinguished!

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