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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Salman & Asin: Just Friends?

Working together in Vipul Shah’s London Dreams, the co-stars are reveling in each other’s company. Their wonderful chemistry is reportedly extended beyond the shoots. Our source says, “Salman and Asin have become extremely close to each other and Salman is extra protective about her. Apparently, Asin’s bedroom has pictures of Sallu all over... This only proves that she is really fond of him. Top it with the rumours of Katrina Kaif visiting Chandigarh to keep tabs on Salman’s closeness with Asin and it adds up to a lot. But yes, Salman is always known to be extra protective of his leading ladies and is said to be recommending her to all his producer friends.”

The source adds, “Although both of them have been open about their fondness for each other on the sets, they have not gone public about their closeness. But this could be because Salman has a girlfriend and Asin has an overly protective father who accompanies her everywhere. Despite that, both of them spent quite some time cooing on and off the sets in London and Chandigarh and there were reports about Salman having a squabble with Asian’s father on the sets of London Dreams as well. Apparently the house in which Asin currently resides at Lokhandwala has also been gifted to her by Salman. He had earlier gifted girlfriend Katrina a house, so this just assures us that there’s something brewing here.”

We sent a text message to Asin and Salman Khan but they didn’t reply. Is this another relationship building or is just plain friendship? Only time will tell.

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